AxGlyph — Scientific Vector Graph Maker

AxGlyph is the art of vector graph maker. It is designed with love, passion and expertise. It has all kinds of functionalities which make you make high quality vector graph at ease. Key features include flow chart, circuit diagram, chemical expressions, coordinate graph, 3D objects and even animations.

Scrollable and Customizable Panel

AxGlyph offers a scrollable, customizable toolbox panel, you can click buttons to create all kinds of graphs directly.

Easy Customization with Handlers

AxGlyph supports templated graph creation, which can generate rich deformation through node control. It also includes free vector brushes, handling vector paths and area fills.

Embedded Math Equation Editor

AxGlyph has a simplified version of embedded AxMath, which makes it easy to type mathematical formulas in graphs.

Simple Animation

AxGlyph can make simple animations. You can easily create animations based on time series.

All Kinds of Plots

AxGlyph supports flow chart, circuit diagram, logic diagram drawing. It can also draw 2D curves, wafers, radar, 3D surfaces, 3D curves and lots more. Now, it’s capable of drawing machine learning and deep neural network diagrams.

MS Office Integration

AxGlyph seamlessly integrate with MS Office. It offers a MS Office plugin, which supports the illustration numbering and reference management. It supports Word, PowerPoint and Visio.

Multiple Outputs

AxGlyph can be output as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and other common picture formats.

Compatible with other Vector Graph Editor

AxGlyph graph can be further edited by Visio, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer, etc.

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