Special Sale 25% Discount for 1000-2000!

AxSoft offers a marginal decrease pricing to let everyone use the software.
License is per machine rather than per user to avoid potential abuse.
AxMath special offer: $12 (1 pcs), $20 (2 pcs), $8×N (N pcs, N≥3).
AxGlyph special offer: $15 (1 pcs), $24 (2 pcs), $10×N (N pcs, N≥3).
No subscriptions. Free updates. Lifelong support.
For latest version, you don't have to enter KEY. Just pay and receive activation code.
New version of website is still under development.

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How to get license key? See FAQ:Buy.

  • AxMath: ${num_axmath} pcs = $ ${price_axmath}
  • AxGlyph: ${num_axglyph} pcs = $ ${price_axglyph}
  • Total: $ ${price_total}

Note1: Please make sure your email and keys are valid before you pay!

Note2: After payment, click 'Retrieve License' to download your licenses!