FAQ - Buy

1. How to get license key?

Settings -> Register Product

Copy and paste your license key to website buy page.

2. How to buy single license?

Step 1: Enter your email and your key

Once your email and key are valid, you can click the "Buy License" button to go on.

Step 2: Click buy license and enter your credit card info

Your card info NEVER hits our server. Secure payment is provided by Stripe.

Step 3: Payment succeeds

Once your payment succeeds, the Stripe dialog will show you a green success.

Step 4: Automatic license generation

After a while, the license will be generated automaticly. If something goes wrong, send us an email and we'll send check your payment and resend you the license.

Step 5: Click "Download Lic"

Just download the license file. Then open AxMath/AxGlyph register dialog and locate the file.

Step 6: Activate your AxSoft and have fun!

Open AxMath/AxGlyph register dialog and locate the file. Then the software will have all power on.

3. How to buy multiple licenses?

Step 1: Go to "buy" page

Go to our "buy" page, where we can perform multiple licenses purchase.

Step 2: Enter your email and your license keys

You can add multiple license keys of both AxMath and AxGlyph. Simply click the "Add AxMath" or "Add AxGlyph" button to add one. Or click the "X" behind to remove one. The cart on the right side will show the price details.

Step 3: Click "Paypal Checkout"

After you type the right license keys of AxMath and AxGlyph, you can click "Paypal Checkout" to proceed payment. Simply sign in into your Paypal account and make the deal!

Step 4: Download the licenses

If payment succeeds, the licenses will be generated successfully. Click Retrieve License to download your licenses. Enter your email and then click "Get licenses!". You'll see all your licenses you just purchased. Click the right download button to download them!