AxMath - 交互式WYSIWYG公式編輯器

Amy Xun, Asky Shen

Abstract: AxMath是一個交互式WYSIWYG公式編輯器。 它的設計充滿了愛,激情和專業知識。 它具有各種功能,使您可以在光速下輸入方程式。 主要功能包括語義數學輸入,自動計算,LaTeX轉換,內存板等。您可以免費試用下載,或只需支付9.99美元以獲得專業版。

Keywords: AxMath, Equation Editor, Auto Calculation, Semantic Math, LaTeX

I. Introduction

AxMath is a powerful interactive equation editor for multiple purposes. AxMath lets you create complex equations at ease. With sementic math you can type any equations at lightspeed without using a mouse. Still confusing with Word, MathType, LaTeX, Lyx, TexMacs...? Let's try AxMath! Download it now!

II. Key Features

AxMath is designed with Love, it has plenty of useful features, here lists the most used ones.

2.1 Scrollable Panel

If you are new to AxMath or a user of MathType, you may use symbol panel to input equations. AxMath puts the symbols into different categories. You can easily scroll the panel to choose the symbol required.

2.2 Semantic Math Input Method

Semantic Math is first proposed by TexMacs, in which you can type LaTeX to get WYSIWYG equations realtime. AxMath learned the innovations and create the Semantic Math Input Method. You can type LaTeX code, and the auto-suggestion feature will prompt the relative symbols you can choose from. This may be the ultimate form of all equation editors.

2.3 Multiple Outputs

AxMath can output various formats, including bitmaps, vector graphics, LaTeX code, MathML code, and more. It works perfectly with Word, Powerpoint, LaTeX, MathJax and websites like Wordpress, Quora, StackExchange. Users can define every detail of the formula, such as fonts, sizes, colors and more.

2.4 Auto Calculation

You may already astonished by Semantic Math IME, but there's much more. AxMath is also a scientific calculator. You can define symbol's numeric values and once you type a expression and enter "=", AxMath will automatically gives you the result.

2.5 LaTeX Support

AxMath supports LaTeX conversion. You can enter complex formulas in AxMath and then convert to LaTeX with one single click. It is also possible to convert the LaTeX formula code in one click to the WYSIWYG AxMath formula.

2.6 Memory Board

AxMath has a memory board that automatically records the formulas you enter most often, and you can save specific formula or symbols to the memory board.

2.7 Word Integration

AxMath workflow seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word. You can enter numbered formulas in Word and easily adjust formula styles.

How to buy axmath
Figure 1: AxMath Buyer's Guide

III. Buyer's Guide

AxMath is designed with Love, it aims to give all the fellow scholars and students a time-saving way to write essays. What we offer is less than half the price of similar products, which is only $12.99. For the first 1000 users, we've decided to offer a 25% discount, which is $9.99 per license. Click Buyer's FAQ to see instructions to buy a license.

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IV. Conclusion

AxMath is the art of equation editor. It is designed with love, passion and expertise. It has all kinds of functionalities which make you type equations at lightspeed. Key features include semantic math input, auto calculation, memory board, etc. Visit our FAQ page to get instant help. Visit our Support Forum to open an issue.



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Amy Xun
Amy Xun is a professor at ZJU. He has been developing AxMath and AxGlyph for 5 years.


Asky Shen
Asky Shen is an engineer at Global Energy Research Institute. He is a heavy user of LaTeX and Texmacs.