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Academic Science & Research Softwares AxMath + AxGlyph+AxCell

AxMath Equation Editor for Win. AxGlyph vector graph maker for Win.


AxMath - A Professional Formula Editor & Calculator AxGlyph - A Versatile Vector-Drawing Software AxCell - A Workflow Software for Data Processing & Visualization

Editing and typesetting

Graphical typesetting layout settings make typesetting more convenient;

Multiple Input

Supports point-and-click input, shortcut keys, and script input for faster input;


Support custom mathematical symbols;

Scientific computing functions

Calculated based on formulas seen; ‍‍

Handwriting and recognition

Support handwriting input;

Output and publish

Supports object embedding and can be used in MS WORD;

Proudly Use AxMath

AxMath is an interactive WYSIWYG equation editor. It is designed with love, passion and expertise.
The trial version is available on GitHub .